2929 Pico Boulevard Housing Project

Location: Santa Monica, California
Status: Unbuilt
Square footage: 24,300 sq ft

Location: Santa Monica, California
Status: Unbuilt
Square footage: 24,300 sq ft

2929 Pico

Focused on the idea of social sustainability, the project presents a new prototype for residential, office and commercial projects in the City of Santa Monica. Composed of 50 affordable units and 33% creative office spaces, the strategy combines the outdoor recreational areas with the creative office spaces as catalysts for social interaction.

These social areas are located at the ground and fourth level terrace, while the residential units are on the second and third floor of the building. On the exterior, each facade responds to the context and responds appropriately according to the interior program type. An array of opaque and semi-translucent polycarbonate choreograph the way tenants control lighting, privacy and ventilation in the units, perforated metal panels and large glazing panels open up the office space. Every space in the building enjoys natural cross-through ventilation and lighting.