Lincoln Collection               Mixed-Use

Location: Santa Monica, California
Status: Construction to start Jan 15 2018
Square footage: 77,758 sq ft

Location: Santa Monica, California
Status: Construction to start Jan 15 2018
Square footage: 284,500 sq ft

Lincoln Collection

This mixed-use development sits on the corner of Lincoln Boulevard and Colorado Avenue, establishing a gateway into the City of Santa Monica. Spanning the alley and two city zones, the project is a part of a larger residential development master plan for the area.  The program is composed of 89 high-profile units, scenic rooftop deck, yoga deck & rec room, courtyard lap pool, and 10,000 square feet of retail. The unit layouts focus on providing natural cross-through air ventilation. The building’s orientation maximizes the use of natural light while decreasing solar heat gain. The large open courtyard unifies the different programs together and relates the project with the rest of the residential master plan by connecting it with the buildings on the adjacent parcel.